milder weather

This day before Christmas Eve was warm and windy with sounds of ice and snow melt dripping from the roof. The snow is melting fast and the ground is bare in places where the wind made it thin. There are lots of drifts left though.

I spent the day knitting, listening to Christmas music on WQED fm, and making kügelhopf. With golden raisins, almonds, lemon peel, and lots of eggs and butter, what is not to like? Got the ice off the back porch too, had been glazed all week and no sun hits there when the sun is this low in the sky. I had sprinkled clay cat litter on the ice for some traction.

Guess the changing weather brought some spectacular skies. Had a great sunset yesterday evening:
Winter sunset

My much needed battery pack for my camera came in the mail yesterday. The two I got when I bought the camera (Canon S110) in 2001 were only holding a charge long enough to take a few pictures.

After the mail went, my folks came over to pick me up for shopping. Only made two stops, but guess I was still tired from the last time. They had a glass of the Niagra wine from Tom Montgomery before they left.

I got up this morning while it was still dark and fed the cat and put a kettle of water on to boil for tea before getting back into bed to warm up and work on a sock. My mom called to make sure I didn’t miss this sunrise:
Winter sunrise

The first blossom is open on the Christmas cactus that spent the summer on my mom’s porch. Sally wrote a couple weeks ago that she had eight blossoms on the one she adopted from my apartment. They fixed their place up great for plants as well as people and puppies. They put the plant across from French doors that face east at treetop level.

On Monday my mom sent a 1960s vintage electric radiant heater (like an open toaster) they don’t use along with me. Ling took a liking to it, seems to think of it as a cat warmer. I had it on after bathing the other day and he sat about a foot in front of it in profile, exposing the maximum area. I turned him around when his fur started feeling hot, was like a cat statue.

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