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New Year’s Eve fare

2017 seems to be going out with a bang. The temperature dropped to -6°F (-21°C) this morning, but it is up to 18°F (-7°C) this afternoon with sunshine. It got warm enough to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a salad! … Continue reading

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Consumed the last carton of frozen split pea soup this week, so decided today would be the day to fire up the Instant Pot (IP) and replenish the frozen soup supply. Yesterday morning I drove my dad for a checkup … Continue reading

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a portable kitchen

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This might be helpful to others living in unconventional or under-construction spaces. You can eat quite well without big, expensive, hard to move appliances. While I draw inspiration from the Tiny House Movement and camping community, I do rely on … Continue reading

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kitchen tip

When I bought a new refrigerator after the last move I found that most of the smaller ones had built in beverage can racks. I don’t drink “pop” — besides way too much sugar the cola beverages contain enough phosphoric … Continue reading

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Surviving July

Breakfast this morning was corn meal mush, black tea with milk and sugar, cranberry juice, and a probiotic capsule. I cooked the mush sitting down, with a brand new induction cooktop. Being able to sit was nice because of after … Continue reading

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