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Recently a friend expressed interest in some of the recipes I have been using for wheat-free meals. Like science, recipes are probably in the spirit of Open Source although they predate it. The new things are built on the work … Continue reading

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feels like autumn

This morning when I let Bode out it was cool, about 60° F (16° C). I heard geese nearby and looked up to see them flying in two Vs heading south. What started as a few tentative cricket and katydid … Continue reading

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a harvest of sorts

The Hungarian hot pepper had turned red, so took it in this morning. The tomato is from the Roma plant I bought in a 4 inch pot. The Brandywine tomato is to the top of its 6 foot stake now, … Continue reading

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mongrel – mutant – feral tomato plants

Seems that we have been here before: monster tomato plant. Last winter my dad was adding frozen grape tomatoes from one of their volunteer plants to salads. He took some of their seeds and they germinated. He planted some of … Continue reading

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