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The snow was coming down heavily and we had about an inch when Bode went at around 2:30 am. It is still snowing! I took this picture a couple hours ago, got interrupted to recharge the camera battery to download … Continue reading

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Google Adsense

I set this up back in the dark ages (before Facebook, LOL) but then unwisely as it turns out put first my own web site, then several others I consult for onto the same Google Analytics account. In investigating this, … Continue reading

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five days

It has been five days since Bode’s seizure and so far no recurrence. It hasn’t been easy for him to get up and down since his arthritis got worse last winter, so being tipsy from the barbiturate complicates things. He … Continue reading

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48 hours post-ictal

Things have changed a lot here in the past two days. Bode had a bad seizure that lasted over an hour this time the day before yesterday. We ended up going to Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center where Bode … Continue reading

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