more snow

I did a shop ’til you drop on Saturday afternoon. I went to DiMaio’s Market in Nu Mine with my parents. Got some of their Italian sausage for the first time.

On the way home, they decided to stop at Montgomery Underground Winery, just up the hill from here. It was a pleasant visit, interesting wines and friendly conversation. Tom had a panoramic photo of his vines on display. His stories of finding wild berries (and avoiding bears!) were interesting too. He said that when he was in his teens, he and a friend visited my dad’s father on what is now Trautman’s farm to learn how to make wine from honey. My grandfather kept bees on his land and put hives on other farms to help pollination, so was quite well known locally.

I was exhausted when I got home, so put the groceries away then sat down with some popcorn and fell asleep while listening to Prairie Home Companion on the radio. Was still tired in the morning but made it through church. Both Saturday and Sunday were sunny, beautiful with the snow cover. Saw some fields that looked like there had been a deer convention from all the tracks!

Monday morning my dad dropped off a bird feeder he made to fill with the black sunflower seed I bought on Saturday. They were on their way to town to take care of some errands. I had already been out to clear the snow from the porch and hang out some laundry to freeze-dry. It was cold and windy all day. They got a huge package from my sister-in-law and brother around noon, so I went over to look at at that and their Christmas decorations.

First Christmas 2005 photos

Mother holds the box beside the pile of packages from Arizona:

Mother by their Christmas tree getting ready to add new presents:

Father bringing a Santa sack for mother to place under tree:

Closeup of tree – crocheted snowflakes and angels were made by my dad’s cousin Hazel:

Even the antique clock reel (from my mom’s aunt Alice Boyer Wanner) has a stocking!
Clock reel with Christmas stocking

When my dad brought me back at dusk the wind had fallen, but my tracks from when I hung the the bird feeder in the birch tree were filled with drifted snow. It was colder yesterday, close to 0 °F in the morning. For people outside the USA (where we pay lip service to globalization while ignoring the metric system) that was around -15 °C.

This morning at dawn the temperature was higher than it had been since Sunday afternoon, had a couple hours of snow flurries. Been on IM and catching up on email for almost 3 hours, haven’t had the computer on since Saturday.

After breakfast I put some lentil soup made with some of the DiMaio’s sausage on to simmer. I garnished a bowlful with olive oil, a fresh grinding of pepper, and grated parmesan cheese. That and a thick slice of the bread I made yesterday and a glass of Niagara wine from the neighbors is making for a hearty winter lunch! Some tea and a session with the cat curled up on my lap while I knit is on the agenda next. I have two pair of socks and a hat on needles. [sock blog]

The winter solstice is about an hour away.

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