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WebTrees is open source, web-based genealogy software that forked off from phpGedView. I am currently using it to record and share my family’s genealogy information here.

WebTrees Wikipedia article


The phpGedView software is no longer being developed, so in 2015 I migrated my genealogy information to WebTrees (see above). The information below is for historical purposes.

PhpGedView web site:

You can download the program for free from the PhpGedView web site or from Source Forge

Wikipedia article:

Web Hosting

What if you don’t have web hosting?

MySQL, PHP, and Apache web server comes pre-installed on most recent Macintosh computers. For Microsoft Windows desktop computers you may install XAMPP. This will allow you to use PhpGedView on your local computer like a desktop application, but you won’t be able to collaborate with others the way you can if you have web hosting — details here. Most ISPs don’t allow you to run a public web server through their connection.

It is worth shopping around for web hosting. You can often get hosting with a lot of features for less than $10 a month. This is less than the cost of many commercial online sites plus you can run other software (such as a blog or photo gallery or an interactive site to advertise your business) too.


Wikipedia: – simple instructions for sharing genealogy data using GEDCOM files: GEDCOM 101

Local Resources

Armstrong County Historical Society
Mildred Lankerd-Thomas Genealogical Library
300 North McKean Street – P.O. Box 735
Kittanning, Pennsylvania 16201-1345
(724) 548-5707


Looking at PhpGedView site on iBook laptop

Photo from the Armstrong County Genealogy Library on July 11, 2010, by Kathy M.

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