Kodak Pony 35 mm Camera

I guess this device could be called “the little camera that could” — my great aunt wanted to take better photos of flowers, so she visited the camera store on Market Street in Kittanning in the 1950s. She learned to use it well and took it on many of their western USA trips. She left it to my grandparents (who were using another camera), in mint condition with a complete manual (view below), the macro lens, and the original case which also contained a bit of white silk fabric for polishing the lens. They gave me the camera in 1978.

Here it is in action on a business trip to Japan and Taiwan in the mid-1980s:

totally non-automatic 35 mm camera in action

"Just point and click"

(Photo from Abe Trading Company, Tokyo)

Instructions for the Kodak PONY 135 Camera

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