A Real Old Fashioned Winter…

…is what my mom says people call this.

We had snow, rain, and sleet all day Thursday then snow through the night. My east windows were glazed over with ice!

I went out yesterday afternoon when the sun had been out for a while and cleared the front deck. It was surprisingly easy, the first layers were gritty sleet, so was loose enough to scrape off as the sun warmed the dark deck boards. I made whole wheat buttermilk pancakes for breakfast, then finished a spinach casserole with eggs and cheddar cheese for lunch. After I came back in from clearing snow, got the leftover pancake batter out and finished with some frozen blueberries. Guess the weather gets your appetite up.

As I finished clearing snow, the sky turned dark and we got another round of snow.
Snow, December 16

It was clear last night with a full moon. Made for a crystalline morning, the moon setting as the sun rose, very cold.

Full moon setting, December 17

The wind last night did most of the work of clearing new snow from the deck, just swept a bit with the broom. By the time that was done, my sheets were ready to hang out to dry. It is quite pleasant in the sunshine. Hope it holds through this afternoon, planning a shopping trip with my folks.

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