wild friday

Here it is December 1 and it is almost too warm out for a sweater! The weather is turning though. The wind is strong and gusty, rotating from the west to the east and back. The sky is alternating between patches of blue with sun and white clouds then heavy storm clouds.
The migraine I had earlier in the week seems to be mostly gone. Still a bit shakey and tired though. Made it to choir practice last night. Saw joggers out in their shirt sleeves. There was rain off and on, but so warm it didn’t seem to bother them.
I saw a falcon on the telephone wire just below the road on the way back from running some errands this morning. Thought the larger red tailed hawk that lives up over the hill might have discouraged the smaller raptors.
There aren’t many birds around, although the jays visit the sunflower seed feeder occasionally. Mother thinks we won’t see many birds until it snows, suppose they are having trouble figuring out the weather too.

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