Sunrise, December 3
Well, we survived the high winds on Friday, December 1. Around 4 pm the electricity flickered off, long enough for the answering machine to need reset, but not really long enough to interfere with cooking, etc. Some of the neighbors on Gibson School Road didn’t have their power restored until 2 am. At one point in the afternoon it was dark out and the place was rocking. I was in bed knitting with Ling Ling on my lap. Bode jumped up and curled up beside me too. Was cozy…
Between barking at the wind, thunder, Tim applying manure to the field below the road, and thumping noises, Bode had quite a workout.
Things settled down by Saturday, then we got the lovely sunrise above on Sunday morning. It was cold, in the 20s F and lots of frost. Suppose ice crystals suspended in the air caused the great colors.
The choir concert Sunday evening went well. There was a good turnout and the singing was full of joy. I rested up yesterday, then will resume practice today.

Bode in the snow
Yesterday morning the critters got me up for the moon, it was full and a clear sky, not a crystal of frost on anything. Oh, that was at about 4 am. It was cold, high in the mid-20s with a strong wind. This morning about the same time it was light out but thin clouds diffused the moonlight. Then as it got light, the snow started. So, the ground is white and Bode has been out playing in the snow already. In fact, he wasn’t too anxious to come in!

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