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Sunset 26 November 2006
Who would believe we would be having shirt sleeve weather at the end of November? It was in the 60’s yesterday afternoon. I took advantage of it by shopping in the afternoon and am feeling it this morning. Some light clouds appeared mid-afteroon making for a glorious sunset.

Bode was up just after 5 am, saw stars but dim instead of the blazing show of the past several mornings. As the light grew the landscape was pastel but a different palette due to mist rather than a heavy coating of frost. Guess this mild weather is to last a couple more days.

I have been seeing a lot more spam the past few weeks. Most of it seems to be stock tips. I guess the spammers don’t realize that all the people who lost pensions to the market should have learned that investing is a form of gambling. You don’t want to put your savings there! If you have some spare money, no harm done. Guess greed is getting ahead of lust in the base instincts that spam is designed to exploit.

This is a big day in Western PA, the start of gun season for deer with antlers. I have heard experienced hunters express a preference for at least a light snow cover, but today they will probably need to remember to watch fluids and avoid overheating and sunburn. Bode will need to stay close to home (fawn colored on his back) and I expect that the sound of gun fire will awake his watchdog instincts.

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