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The author at Montgomery Underground Winery
A friend asked if I had a recent photo. My former neighbor Tom Montgomery took this at the winery last summer as Della and I worked at their computer. I am usually on the other side of the camera, so was happy he passed it on.
We are using Joomla as a content management system for their web site. Tom is computer literate but not particularly interested in HTML and Della is an avid writer, so Joomla seemed a good choice. Joomla is one of the software packages included with Dreamhost accounts. It was one of the options Rowly considered for his Mito Matters site, but he decided WordPress fit his needs and inclinations as an administrator better.
The timing of the visit was set by the weather. We have been working on the winery site since March 2006. We first put the project on hold when the berry picking season started (there was a bumper crop of blackberries), then Tom started a year long IT training program. He had this week off school and it has been too rainy to pick. The wild black raspberries are just finishing and blackberries are just starting to ripen.

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Perl, MySQL, CGI scripting, web design, graphics following careers as an analytical chemist and educator, then in IT as a database administrator (DBA), programmer, and server administrator. Diagnosed with Mitochondrial Myopathy in 1997.
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