July day

I’m getting a late start today and wasn’t on the computer much yesterday. Thunderstorms rolled through late yesterday morning and again in the afternoon, cooling and cleaning the air. We really needed the rain. When Bode scratched the ground after marking posts, he was raising clouds of dust that darkened the fur on his legs and underbody. By evening it was incredibly nice out, making the indoor air seem stuffy. I took Bode out to walk and found there were so many people (and dogs) out on the bike path that we almost needed someone to direct traffic.

It is in the 60s this morning and clear again, and to be cooler. I was waiting for cooler weather to transplant some of the seedlings from the back deck, but today will need to be the day. Apparently we had a visitor last night who dug out the biggest potted pepper and rolled the pot. It also moved the window box with the surviving nasturtiums off the shelf under my bedroom window and dug them out too. It overturned the small pots of alpine strawberry plants and the egg carton with newer seedlings and left dark paw prints on the white siding underneath my bedroom window and on the window sill. I suspect it was a rather large raccoon.

I rolled back over when Bode got me up at 6 am and didn’t wake up until almost 8 am. I cooked a slice of bacon and put the leftover mush from yesterday into the pan to fry and added an egg. I am just finishing the tea. Main projects for today are to take care of the plants and give Bode a bath.

No photo today but here is Bode’s Dogster badge:


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