Monday morning

The doves, along with the finches, have been the most frequent visitors to the bird feeder tree. They don’t eat the seeds from the feeders, but browse on the ground or perch on the branches. This morning I happened to look up through the kitchen skylight, and saw these. They are gone now leaving only footprints.
The cat and dog were ready to start the day around 7. There was a dense fog then. It was clear the evening before, so I was a bit worried about frost. I made tea and finished the last two pieces of focaccia from yesterday (with home grown rosemary and garlic) for breakfast, then put registered copies of Graphic Converter and Klondike on the iBook while washing clothes. I am trying to keep the iBook free of bloat-ware and Microsoft products, but compromised to install Microsoft Messenger so I could chat with mito buddies. Graphic Converter is what I used to resize the photos in this post. Will leave Photoshop on the desktop machine. Preview seems to handle PDF files well, except that it doesn’t pick up linked files, like those for MakeMusic’s Finale documentation.
The fog burned off at around 10 and I have hung out the wash out to dry. There are but a few clouds on this sunny morning. The air is crisp but it is warm. This is the beautiful fall weather you like to remember.
Last week the blue jays were back. They disappeared in August when it was hot. I could hear a call now and again from the woods toward the crossroads. There are bluebirds around again too and now birdsong is rivaling the insect sounds that predominated from August on.
Flower bed, end of September
The tomatoes slowed down quite a bit. One of the Roma plants had no more fruit or flowers, so I pulled it and put the stalk on the compost pile. I cut back the “mongrel” tomato stalks to make picking easier and to allow the anemones they grew over some light. Many of their tomatoes fell off and rotted. Wet weather and dense foliage is a bad combination.
The lily stalks have pretty much dried up, but their seed pods are still closed. The marigolds look a bit bedraggled, but are still going strong. The carrots and parsley are growing very well.
I brought in all the house plants last week along with the window box of herbs and a potted nasturtum. The ones in the ground pretty much died off.
Between rainy spells last week I planted white daffodil bulbs from my mom along with some tulips I bought. The potted mum I bought was about finished blooming, so I planted it in the flower bed too.

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