mid summer

Someone recently noted that I had not been writing in this blog. Guess the answer is that it is mid-summer and I have been enjoying it a day at a time. It has been relatively peaceful after the excitement with mother’s health in the spring.

It has been a wet summer, with plenty of thunder storms. The garden plants were held back, and I lost a few. One of the most spectacular storms was on June 30 when we had hail come down for about an hour. I took the picture below after the storm blew through, but the hail that accumulated along the fence didn’t melt for several hours. Shredded leaves and flowers looked like confetti on the sidewalks when I took Bode out.


This nasturtium shows the kind of damage the hail did, but a daddy longlegs visited it anyway.

The garden plants seemed to have caught up though. I ate two Roma tomatoes earlier this week and this afternoon when I was out picking alpine strawberries and red raspberries, saw that there were enough green beans to cook for supper. Although a storm flattened the plants (one that came after the hail storm), the beans were almost perfect. I am thinking that next year I will plant pole beans instead of bush beans because it seems that I have to stake up almost everything anyway.

The crazy weather seems to have confused some plants. The Weigela bush out front and the chives have blossoms, like they think it is spring again.

A couple weeks ago the organizers of the farmer’s market decided that there was enough produce coming in to open two days a week, so I am planning to go on Wednesdays as much as possible. Got black cherries twice so far.

Changing my shopping day to Wednesday makes for a less hectic Saturday morning, only need to take Bode out and get back in time for the weekly adult mito chat at 10:30 am.

Bode is still cute and charming as ever!

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