July – glorious summer

I took a picture of mist rising on the river on Monday morning when it was in the low 50s, but then decided to use it on Rowly’s Mito Matters site, post is here.

I haven’t seen the turtle in the yard since I put it part way up the hill behind the house in the evening of the day I last posted. I picked it up from beside the street in front of the neighbor’s house to the south. It looked around, took a bite from a leaf, then disappeared into the underbrush. Bode still checks for it out front every morning. I hope it is happy in the woods and stays off 5th Avenue with its traffic.

Despite having rain several days, the soil is still dry in many places. The pea flowers burst into pods and there are good sized tomatoes and peppers although they are not ripe yet.

This was my first Heritage Days festival, June 29 through July 4. In addition to the food booths, foot race, fireworks, and parade, there was an organ concert at Christ, Prince of Peace church last Sunday afternoon. It was rainy on July 4th, but the skies cleared in time for the fireworks display to start on schedule. The sidewalk across the street was an excellent vantage point. I was a bit worried about how Bode would take it, but it was about the same as for a thunderstorm. The next morning he let me sleep in until after 8 am though, the noise kept him up past his usual bed time.

I am just back from a yard work break. My neighbor John and his son were out back and they loaned me their heavy duty pruning shears. Some shoots from the stump of a tree were growing out over the roof of the deck and the storage shed. It was time to get them trimmed before they turned into another tree.

We had a microburst early in the evening of June 27, pretty spectacular, power was out from just after 6 pm until almost 8:30 pm — made for a lot of getting to know the neighbors and a long dog walk. Then on Friday, June 29, we had this stunning sunset:


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