4th day

This is the fourth day without logging in to Facebook — so far so good. If you are seeing this on FB it is because my WordPress blog posts and Tweets are set to transfer automatically. You don’t have to log in to Facebook to post!

I get email notifications of posts to my time line, private messages, photo tags, or my name in a comment, so I’m not totally cut off (as would be the case had I closed my account). I still have email accounts, Jabber messaging, two phones, and then there is always writing on paper to stay in contact.

I still have the impulse to click the Facebook icon that links directly to Words for Friends. I completed the boards and didn’t accept new invitations to play to prepare.

I’m not using the Facebook app on my non-smart phone. I seldom use it though except for killing time, like while at the laundromat.

I set up a Twitter feed on my web browser, Safari, some time ago so keeping up with legit news services hasn’t changed. I don’t at all miss getting slapped in the face by posts from unnamed sources that are plastered word for word over many hate-monger/fake news sites. Makes for a more peaceful morning pot of tea.

I am over half way through the 5th book of George R. R. Martin’s Song of Fire and Ice series (inspired the Game of Thrones series on HBO) and getting caught up on rest. I hope to start some sewing projects soon.

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Perl, MySQL, CGI scripting, web design, graphics following careers as an analytical chemist and educator, then in IT as a database administrator (DBA), programmer, and server administrator. Diagnosed with Mitochondrial Myopathy in 1997.
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