Verizon Mobile Hot Spot firmware updates – PowerPC Mac incompatibility

It has been almost a month since I got the account with Verizon. After compatibility problems with their USB Wireless Modem, I settled on their Mobile Hot Spot (MiFi). Worked OK until this morning when I tried to connect to the internet when I got a message that a firmware update was needed. there was an “architecture not supported” error message for the firmware update application

ppc incompatible error message

I called Tech Support at about 8 am this morning to report the problem.

Last month I asked tech support to double check that my hardware, a Macintosh iBook G4 — with a PowerPC (rather than Intel) processor was supported. Turns out that the software they distribute to install the firmware update is not usable on a Macintosh with a PowerPC processor, just Intel processor Macs. And they don’t supply a version for PPC Macs. I suspect that pre-XP MS Windows users may be in the same boat.

Verizon tech support called back around 2 PM with a response.

The good news is that you can get your mobile hotspot firmware updated, you just need to use another computer to do it. I am thinking that the local Verizon store would be a good place to seek assistance with this. Stay tuned…

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