Terrible T’s

Saturday evening I found an animal in the yard that was fairly easy to photograph. It was climbing the hill, almost up to Montgomery Lane. I spotted it out the back door during the intermission of A Prairie Home Companion. When I returned seemed like turtles migrating to lay eggs was mentioned frequently – sensitized?

Steeler fans have long relied on the terrible towel to cheer the team. In fact, I observed fans bring them to church to be blessed in the weeks leading up to the superbowl.

Thunder clouds
Seems like there is a contest in church to see how often How Great Thou Art (O Store Gud, based on a Swedish folk tune) can be requested. The other great contest seems to be how many different versions the organist can find to play instead of the one printed in the bulletin. Congregation vs. Organist — everyone loses. “The mighty thunder” came to mind as clouds rolled in last night as the sun was setting.
I took some photos, but would have needed a fish eye lens to do it justice.
Looked like a string of storms passed south of here for hours, with the flashes of lightning very visible, even if the thunder was barely audible.
Audible to human ears, that is. Bode is general manager in charge of thunder, trucks, and other things that rumble. Sometimes I think he was a politician in an earlier life. He just knows that if you bark long and hard enough, even the worst storm will go away.

Last night I saw fireflies as it got dark. I hadn’t seen them for years, but thought I saw a few hiding under the lid of the finch seed feeder the last time I filled it. Like with the frogs, it was reassuring that something that I remembered was still here.

Back to the Terrible T’s, of course the one the spinmeisters want people to think about is Terrorism (or Terrorists, or Terror). While we are distracted, we risk an even worse one, Totalitarianism. Go ahead, look it up.

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