4th day

This is the fourth day without logging in to Facebook — so far so good. If you are seeing this on FB it is because my WordPress blog posts and Tweets are set to transfer automatically. You don’t have to log in to Facebook to post!

I get email notifications of posts to my time line, private messages, photo tags, or my name in a comment, so I’m not totally cut off (as would be the case had I closed my account). I still have email accounts, Jabber messaging, two phones, and then there is always writing on paper to stay in contact.

I still have the impulse to click the Facebook icon that links directly to Words for Friends. I completed the boards and didn’t accept new invitations to play to prepare.

I’m not using the Facebook app on my non-smart phone. I seldom use it though except for killing time, like while at the laundromat.

I set up a Twitter feed on my web browser, Safari, some time ago so keeping up with legit news services hasn’t changed. I don’t at all miss getting slapped in the face by posts from unnamed sources that are plastered word for word over many hate-monger/fake news sites. Makes for a more peaceful morning pot of tea.

I am over half way through the 5th book of George R. R. Martin’s Song of Fire and Ice series (inspired the Game of Thrones series on HBO) and getting caught up on rest. I hope to start some sewing projects soon.

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proposed Advent journey

I have been neglecting my blog.

I am watching the first snow of the season while taking comfort from the warmth of wee Atticus who is curled up on my lap snoozing away. I’m trying to make sense of the recent election and things I discovered when I tried to engage people in discussion in the past months. It seems similar to when I get sensitized to allergens, like second hand cigarette smoke. When I see a FB “friend” sharing a meme from an alt-right or other extremist source I get very irritated. When I try to point out that the source is a hate group (teaching instincts die hard) it only seems to bring out the worst in people.

We are coming up on Advent, an introspective season. While I stopped attending church services regularly when Tea Party values seemed to take precedence over faith, hope, and love in my congregation, I still consider myself a religious person. I am thinking that I need a retreat, to withdraw for a time to heal. As most of the irritating exposure seems to be coming from Facebook, that is what I plan to avoid.

So, I have announced, on Facebook of course, that November 26, 2016 is the last day I will be participating. Maybe after four weeks things will have calmed down enough that we can share the joy of Christmas.

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Hello Day Camp

Hello guys! Hope you are having fun hacking today.

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sewing projects

Some time ago I made a holder to organize my circular knitting needles. It is a simple rectangle of leftover fabric doubled over and stitched to make horizontal channels for the circs. I folded up the bottom and added vertical stitches to make pockets for the sock needles I use most frequently. A knitting needle gauge fits into the top channel. In the photo a set of steel guernsey “pins” hangs from the hook. They are a fairly recent acquisition and I am still figuring out how to store them.


I got my 1960s vintage Sears portable sewing machine out a few days ago. One of my white blouses wore through on the elbow. I cut the long sleeves off and hemmed them to make a short sleeved summer blouse. There are several other projects I need to get moving on so decided it would be good to leave the machine out and make it a cover to keep it from getting dusty and slow the evaporation of machine oil.

I used an old cotton/polyester blend pillow slip. First I ripped out the hemmed opening and sewed it shut (to get more length). Then I pinned it together to check for fit, then folded it and sewed the sides with the pocket turned inside. Then I turned it right side out and made a vertical seam to form two pockets that hold the machine’s manual and a printout of its schematics I downloaded several years ago.

I didn’t try to “box” the corners because I wanted the cover to lay flat to store the manuals while the machine is in the case. The configuration of the pockets could be adjusted to hold small sewing tools such as scissors, needle packets, measuring tape, etc.


This is the layout that fits my vintage Sears portable. The top and side edges are the original seams, so the entire cover is double fabric. The sewn shut opening forms the top of the pocket. If I were using fabric scraps, I would line and/or interface the front and back then make a finished seam at the sides.


I still have some polyester and cotton/polyester blends (checked with the burn test) in my stash as well as sewn items needing to be recycled. They are good candidates for dust covers.

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kitchen tip

inside refrigerator door

When I bought a new refrigerator after the last move I found that most of the smaller ones had built in beverage can racks. I don’t drink “pop” — besides way too much sugar the cola beverages contain enough phosphoric acid to crystalize with calcium forming lumps under my skin. (Wacko metabolism due to mitochondrial disease.)

So, it was nice to find that jam jars that would otherwise be sent to recycling fit the rack nicely!

My collection contains:

  • dry yeast (for raised buckwheat cakes)
  • flax seed meal
  • walnuts
  • sunflower seeds

Makes it easy to find ingredients for cooking or a quick snack.

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