Oh look, there’s an app for that

After a couple days of picking up iPhone basics I seem to have settled into a routine of visiting my favorite web sites or Facebook where I will discover that there is an app for that! Downloading from the App Store and installing is simple. Then you fire up the new app and fill in your user ID and password from the keychain (tap key icon in the bar above the keyboard). There are quite a few of them available now from logging in with Safari browser.

One handed typing hasn’t been much of an issue since I have been doing that on a Kindle Paperwhite for several years. Still getting used to looking up at the word suggestion bar where a tap on a word can save keystrokes.

I am posting from the Automattic WordPress app again today. Adding images is a lot easier than the web browser version I have been using on my laptop. Took a while to find how to get to the post options (category, tags, etc.).

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WordPress App

This post is from my iPhone using the WordPress app available in the Apple App Store.

After I downloaded and installed it, had a brief panic when it appeared to only support WordPress.com sites.

Found where you can configure it for self-hosted sites too. Whew!

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New device, new network

Woohoo! I got into my WordPress blog dashboard with Safari on iPhone 6. Wouldn’t recommend working this way for a new WordPress user but it seems OK in a pinch. Being restricted to one finger typing isn’t as efficient as having a keyboard.

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New Year’s Eve fare

colorful salad

2017 seems to be going out with a bang. The temperature dropped to -6°F (-21°C) this morning, but it is up to 18°F (-7°C) this afternoon with sunshine.

It got warm enough to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a salad! Aldi Spring Mix packaged lettuce, cubed leftover Christmas ham, red bell pepper, onion, olive oil, cider vinegar, and sweet pickle relish.

Earlier in the day I had black bean soup made from an Instant Pot recipe in the new cookbook. It it fairly simple: soaked black beans and chopped onion seasoned with cumin, bay leaf, olive oil, garlic, oregano, salt, and smoked paprika.

After having four malware attacks on KittanningOnline earlier this month, knock on wood, we have been clean for over a week.

Anyway, Happy New Year wishes to all. Hope 2018 brings relief to those suffering hunger, homelessness, and persecution.

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Consumed the last carton of frozen split pea soup this week, so decided today would be the day to fire up the Instant Pot (IP) and replenish the frozen soup supply.

freezer compartment with room for more food

Yesterday morning I drove my dad for a checkup with his doctor and shopped at DiMaio’s Market when he was done. It was below freezing all day and although it was sunny by the time we got to the market it was windy too. I decided to get supplies for making chili. I didn’t need to urge my father to take refuge in the car to get out of the wind while I loaded the groceries and returned the cart. As we were leaving a young Amish woman in a horse-drawn buggy entered the lot. We looked at each other and said at the same time that it must be pretty cold to travel that way.

Breakfast this morning was polenta (steamed, pot in pot), an over easy egg, and Yunnan tea. When the IP cooled I removed the trivet and emptied the water and wiped the pot with a cloth. Next I rinsed pinto beans that had soaked over night and added them to the pot and covered them with water and set them to cook for 25 minutes with the Bean/Chili setting.

Once they cooked and the pressure came down, into the pot went a can of Rotel tomatoes with lime and cilantro, some Delallo tomato paste, frozen corn, one chopped up chipotle pepper and sauce, salt.

An Instant Pot and induction cooker make a great combination. While I do use the IP’s Saute function to brown ingredients for small batches of soup or stew, I left the beans in the pot and used a separate pan to brown a slice of chopped bacon and cumin seed. I then added a pound of ground chuck, then half a large onion chopped, and chili powder. That went into the pot along with a little bit of water to rinse out the last of the skillet goodies.

I replaced the IP lid and used the Bean/Chili setting for 6 minutes and let it go while I washed dishes. So, by 10:30 am, had a savory pot of chili. Making chili from scratch used to take most of a day.

chili in Instant Pot where it cooked

I ate some of the chili for brunch, now waiting for the remainder to cool before dividing it into individual portions to freeze.

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