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fog and frost

This is the second frosty morning of the season, not really a hard frost. The temperature is hovering near freezing and there is ground fog softening the edges on what will probably later be a crisp, clear day. The water … Continue reading

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don’t be evil

Although this is my main blog (imported into Facebook and other social networking sites via an RSS feed) I set up one on Blogger too. It was for the usual reasons, to figure out how things work. So there was … Continue reading

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Registration closed

For a number of years I have been getting a very large proportion of spam registrations to real people. So it is with regret that I have decided to close WordPress registration on this blog. You may still subscribe through … Continue reading

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culture of cheating

This happened years ago, but it still bothers me. I was asked to meet with an untenured professor in the department where I worked. Dr. X had not so far shown much scientific aptitude, so I thought this meeting was … Continue reading

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.htaccess and malware delivery

One of my friends saw a problem on a web site, thought I would post some of the things I learned through our private correspondence. Contributing factors This exploit can be avoided, but it pays to have a web hosting … Continue reading

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