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static page additions and updates

I have now have a “static” page of links using a Template Tag in a new page template. Also I’ve re-organized the Links menu pages. Somewhere between three and two blog posts ago Facebook seems to have stopped importing my … Continue reading

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family issues

The biggie is that my mom took a bad fall a week ago today which resulted in two broken vertebrae in her neck and a skull fracture, a deep cut above her left eye and bruising. Worst though is that … Continue reading

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assorted computer things

I have added a new Contact Page here in the blog. It replaces the form I previously used on my original static site and needlework subdomain. The story is that I have a domain email address which I use heavily … Continue reading

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owning up

I am hearing a lot being said about how compromise is good. It is, but you need to be careful, some things are non-negotiable. In the techie world it is often the goal to find what is “necessary and sufficient” … Continue reading

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fb inspired rant

One of my former students shared a short video clip of Senator John McCain apparently participating in a don’t ask don’t tell hearing. I won’t post a link, but it was played on Comedy Central and the word Zen was … Continue reading

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