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New device, new network

Woohoo! I got into my WordPress blog dashboard with Safari on iPhone 6. Wouldn’t recommend working this way for a new WordPress user but it seems OK in a pinch. Being restricted to one finger typing isn’t as efficient as … Continue reading

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quest for email subscriber system

Still looking at a Feedburner replacement. Subscribe to our mailing list * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name View previous campaigns. Powered by MailChimp

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Facebook angst

This morning someone I know and respect was taken in by a hoax (urban myth). I recalled first reading it in a text-only context, that is before the World Wide Web! The only major “improvement” in all those years was … Continue reading

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r.i.p. Feedburner

Because Feedburner seems to have become the unwanted stepchild at Google, I am looking at some other options for email subscribers. Check out the Subscribe section in the right column (Widget) or below the Contact Form — uses a shortlink.

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For Thelma – XLS file to TablePress

Source: Free Music Milwaukee Tables imported into TablePress smoothly, only had to delete two empty columns that came over. Main issue I see is that in single post view, the right side of the table overlaps the right sidebar unless … Continue reading

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