Penguins Dancing ’round a Maypole

I thought of this title Saturday while I was riding the bus, but forgot it until yesterday. The penguins were ornaments on a lawn on West Wisconsin Avenue. There were four of them attached with colored ribbons to a pole in their center. Tickles the imagination and appropriate for the weather we have been having.

I have been remembering songs about the Merry Month of May from when I audited music classes and thinking of paraphrasing them as the Dreary Month of May.

Did some printing yesterday and was introduced to a new employee in the building.

This seems to be another headache day. Not a full-blown migraine, at least so far.

Should bake some bread and do some grocery shopping, but will postpone non-essential errands for now. Thinking of making a short milk run to the mall instead before things get worse. Sometimes hot milk over saltine crackers will stay down during migraines.

President Bush is to be in town today to campaign for the plan to destroy social security as we know it. I don’t think the big guys understand that for a lot of us, gambling with retirement savings is not a viable option. I have no problem with people investing in the many plans already available, including fairly risky investments, however this should be done with discretionary income, not your nest egg.

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