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I have reconnected while resting from the morning walk with Bode through a mixture of snow squalls and rain. It is just above freezing so the snow is not sticking, but I saw several vehicles with snow on them while … Continue reading

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metaphor simile euphemism

Sometimes a seemingly random series of events somehow combine to reveal insight. Recently comparisons to Monty Python’s Flying Circus have come to my attention, including a suggestion that Michael Palin might have been a better choice than Sarah (unfortunately he … Continue reading

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current events

Well, this is a rant, so pass on if you don’t want opinion. One of the things about Barak Obama that appealed to me when I watched interviews was that he actually listened to the question, paused a bit, then … Continue reading

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Morning blaze

Around 7:30 this morning I was awakened by the emergency light and the sound of a helicopter outside. From the front door I could see a plume of smoke rising behind Christ Prince of Peace church that dwarfed the roof … Continue reading

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