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Improvised food/beverage warmer

With the recent six hour power outage was thinking of having alternates to the Svea stove, which works well but needs to be used outdoors.That is a long time to go without brewing tea. While I was browsing some rather … Continue reading

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Masks for pandemic

I have been using my 1960s vintage sewing machine to make Olsen style face masks. I had a lot of white muslin from other projects for liners. After cutting into a couple reusable totes for an inner layer, remembered I … Continue reading

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Part of this morning’s mission at my father’s house was to check the stream for a deer carcass. Instead I found some lovely yellow iris blooming. Sometimes it is good to not find what you seek. LOL Photos from my … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve fare

2017 seems to be going out with a bang. The temperature dropped to -6°F (-21°C) this morning, but it is up to 18°F (-7°C) this afternoon with sunshine. It got warm enough to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a salad! … Continue reading

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r.i.p. mousey

This frosty morning I took a trap out to release last night’s catch. It was the 8th mouse of the campaign started on November 24. I opened the trap door but it didn’t jump out right away like most of … Continue reading

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