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MIDI thru button – DOH!

Sound of heel of Kathy’s hand striking forehead… I ordered a MOTU FastLane-USB MIDI adapter so that I could use my venerable Roland ep-7 keyboard with Finale 2006 on my G4 desktop after beating to infinity that I couldn’t get … Continue reading

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Bode and the bees

There are several huge bumble bees hovering around the front deck most of the day. Bode has been leaping into the air to try to catch them. He seems to be going by sound rather than sight because his forehead … Continue reading

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rites of spring, continued

I took this photo while at my mom and dad’s house this morning. The first daffodils are starting to fade, but there is still plenty in bloom. Their Forcythia is especially pretty this year, guess from the mild winter. I … Continue reading

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rites of spring

These are two of my mom’s favorite daffodil varieties, photos taken after they cut down the tree on Monday:   When I got home last night the full moon was out with thunderheads rolling by to the north and south … Continue reading

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octogenarian lumberjack

Mother and dad are planning to cut down the apple tree by their kitchen today. In fact, he may be getting out the chain saw now. Had to take down the pipe that held the porch swing. I don’t know … Continue reading

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