Cool again

Our warm weather is gone, yesterday the temperature dropped 20° F by afternoon.

I am pretty wasted this morning. Decided to make a shelving unit by stacking some boards, metal milk crates, and pine acid shipping boxes. No joke, I used to work in a lab and they were just too good to throw away. When I was growing up, we had shelves made from dynamite boxes from the coal mines and fruit shipping boxes, so guess I come by it naturally. The frugal gene?

It is by the entrance, so I opened the door to the hall to make sure it would clear. At that point, the cat decided to run into the hallway. I released the door to catch him, but found it was locked when I tried to get back in. Fortunately the receptionist in the next suite was able to call the office and they let me back in. I usually lock the door with the deadbolt, but the lock on the knob was set. When I looked it appeared that touching the edge of the metal milk crate was enough to turn the button. So, after a glass of orange juice and a rest, I rearranged them. The remainder of the day is kind of a blur. Mito thing, you can do quite a bit depending on what you are willing to pay for later.

I have resumed working on the Wheat and Grape Doily I started in November. I was working on round 23 when I discovered a major mistake in round 12. This was despite looking at it many times and photographing it as well. Now I am ready to start round 23 again, next to last.

If you have Star Doily Book No. 120 Doilies, Doilies, and More Doilies look out for round 21 of the smaller doily, the directions are incomplete. I figured out what to do (twice!) by looking at the photograph. The second time I made sure to pencil in a note.

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