still winter

Yesterday morning it was 5°F (-15°C) when I let Bode out, brrrr. That thaw that ended a little over a week ago got people’s hopes up, but winter is still showing its teeth. During the thaw I saw flying insects two different days — there are advantages to cold weather. One of them is not needing to deal with mud when you have a dog with white paws.

Cold weather makes curling up in bed with some knitting and a cup of tea on the stand a nice way to pass the time. There is quite a list of accomplishments, finished a new pair of socks in dark navy fingering weight wool, retreaded (replaced the foot) on two pairs of hand knit favorite socks, completed a pair of front to back reversible slacks in black wool, put elastic in the waistband of a pair of tights made a couple years ago, and redid the turtle neck on a pullover in dark green to be shorter and with a crocheted lacy edge instead of casting off.

It looks pretty impressive, but this is mito pacing. I started back in October.

The scalloped edging I did on the neckline was:

Two single crochet stitches into each of two purl stitches.
Chain 3
Cluster two trebles into the two knit stitches (keep last loop on first treble, then take off the two stitches together.
Chain 3


It was an Elizabeth Zimmerman seamless raglan sweater. I wasn’t sure how far the yarn would go, so just kept going around the neck in knit 2 purl 2 ribbing once the rest of the sweater was done. Having a collar that folds down twice was a bit too much. More yarn for patching elbows when that time comes.

No photos, all the items are very dark, so don’t photograph well.

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