where were you when…

This used to be the question asked about President Kennedy’s assassination, now it seems to be for 9/11.

I had left my apartment to catch the MCTA 15 bus to the South Shore YMCA for a water exercise class. I remember it was a gloriously beautiful early autumn day. The maples start to change color in late August in Milwaukee. I saw the footage on the locker room TV. One young woman kept asking “Is this the end of the world?”

I guess it was for people in USA in a way. It certainly lead to changes:

  • lost and shattered lives of our dedicated soldiers
  • the economy
  • civil liberties

The clear skies persisted for several days with an almost eerie silence. All but military aircraft were grounded so only heard one big cargo propeller aircraft trace the Lake Michigan shoreline in all those days. It was like we as a country were holding our breath, hoping that the rescue workers in NYC might uncover a survivor, wondering if there would be more attacks.

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