Frosty morning

A friend wrote about the number of sunset and sunrise photos I have been putting here. After 10 years with a west window that was dominated by large buildings, it is a novelty to be able to see them a few steps from my door.

Another factor is that they last literally for hours! First the sun comes over the horizon, then it has to clear the hill line and sometimes clouds. Here is sunrise today.

Fall sunrise

There was frost on the porch and on the lawn when I took the picture, then about an hour later when the sun appeared over the hills, could see it sparkle on the frost crystals on the porch boards. I think we had a light frost yesterday. My father has been wishing for a hard frost to kill off the plants he blames for giving him the sniffles.

Came down with a migraine on Thursday a week ago, didn’t feel well over the weekend. Saw my first rainbow here Sunday evening. The setting sun was spectacular on the trees, then I noticed there were a few sprinkles of rain and saw the rainbow over the valley to the east.

Rainbow at sunset

On Monday I was overdue for a trip to the bank, then my parents went on to their drug store, a home improvement store (I got a year’s worth of carbon water filters), then Kmart, then we stopped for lunch then hit two different grocery stores. I had motorized carts in the two grocery stores but used the cane in the other stops. Was very tired, including being sore in the arms and shoulders from leaning on the cane when my legs got heavy.

Tuesday I needed to crash out, but in the afternoon my mom got anxious to put some of her plants here to keep over the winter, so she came by and took me back to their place. That morning when he heard her plans, dad dug some daffodil bulbs too. They had tender roots, so thought they needed to be planted right away.

It was really beautiful out and I took the camera along so I could get a picture of the demolition of the old house on the farm where my dad grew up. It was damaged two years ago in the storm. The Amish are taking the boards and timbers from the wrecked barn. My aunt wanted a picture. She cried when they sent her a photo after the storm.

I have seen many species of fungus growing in the yard here. There were huge mushrooms in their yard, so tempted me to take pictures, then when we were out anyway, walked to the garden by way of an old apple tree (looked like Russet). Came back in with pockets full and dead tired. We came back with some plants, then yesterday planted the bulbs and my mom brought over some more plants.

It got into the 70s yesterday and was quite pleasant out in the morning. I started to weed the flower bed around the Azalea bush, was nice to dig and sit in the sun and listen to the birds. Toward noon the wind got very strong, so when the soil started to blow away, I took a break for lunch and did a some washing, laundry dried fast! Like yesterday could hear the roaring of the wind through the trees at the tops of the hills even during lulls. I asked my mom if she thought it would always be that windy here.

The leaves don’t seem to be at peak color yet, but are getting there.

Mushroom photos
Mushroom Mushroom Mushrooms Mushrooms

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