Warm days in October

First, a photo of sunset Sunday evening.

Sunset - October 2

The leaves have started to color! This photo is from this afternoon. We are supposed to have another warm and clear day again tomorrow. The weather has been almost like summer this week so far, really beautiful.

hillside across Cribbs Road

Seem to have caught a cold or virus of some kind, tired as well. Have had two nights in a row when I was too tired to sleep. I was on the computer around midnight last night, then went out and looked at the stars (impressive!) then put together some soup to simmer until morning.

On Monday we rented a rug cleaning machine then my parents helped go over the rugs here then on Tuesday morning they used it to clean their TV room and stairway rugs. We then took the machine back to the grocery store and shopped.

I used an electric shopping cart again at Martins, still stocking the cupboards. I didn’t feel very well over the weekend, but after we got back, really started to drag. Everything is still pretty much where we left it to clear the floor. Need to decide where to put stuff then get my folks to help move things. Not quite ready to tackle that today. Fortunately my mom and dad were busy painting their porch today after my dad returned from the barber shop, so didn’t mind the delay.

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