early wakeup

Yesterday morning I went back to sleep for a few hours then got onto the scooter to travel through fog to meet Sally and Eldeen at 8. It was cool so glad I had a sweater along. Sally brought Savanna, her puppy, so I went through the greeting ritual. Ended up rather rumpled but was a small price to pay to receive all that affection.

We got some breakfast at Alterra, wanted to eat outdoors, but the yellow jackets were out in force (they seem to like fallen fruit in late summer). We ate quickly then went to the solarium in Eldeen’s building to visit. There was still some mist in the air although it had cleared quite a bit. Incredible vistas, could see to Waukesha county. Saw some migrating waterfowl too.

I took a nap in the afternoon between Freecycle pickups. Sally and Floyd came with their truck and got a shelf unit and another large storage unit in the evening after they dropped Hollis off at a rehearsal. Hollis is dancing and singing in Oklahoma! and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, quite big parts for someone who is 13.

I was quite tired even with the nap, so stopped packing to watch TV reports of the hurricane, then slept through the night. I had noticed someone put a refrigerator into a dumpster in the alley yesterday. After living here almost 10 years I usually tune out the sound of garbage trucks, but when the refrigerator went into the crusher around 6 am, the sound woke me up.

I have been wondering if I will wake up each morning after I move listening for the garbage truck that doesn’t come? Like people who live along railroad tracks wake up if a train is late.

As more reports came out about the extent of damage from Katrina and looting I felt angry until I realized that many were looking for food and drinking water. Of course, many people are taking advantage of the disaster, including those posing as charities to take money intended for the victims.

As people look for loved ones and try to put their lives back together, wonder if this will be a time to reassess the disappearing Mississippi delta and suitability of the Gulf of Mexico coast for habitation. Marc mentioned yesterday that in Europe there is discussion of the role of global climate change in this tragedy. Perhaps this is a wakeup call from Mother Nature?

Also wonder about the impact of having so many National Guard soldiers in the Middle East on dealing with this disaster.

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2 Responses to early wakeup

  1. marc says:

    yes but if you see how the most people react on a letter from mr. trittin ,
    its says more then thousend words , its like they dont face the facts.


    god bless all the people i feel so sad and unconscious . How can we help.


  2. Kathy says:

    While the hurricane was approaching land, all the weather reports I heard stated that hurricanes gather strength over warm water. No one seemed to challenge that assertion. I guess people don’t want to believe that their life style has helped warm the oceans.

    I know there are a lot of kind and concerned people in many countries. Perhaps the best thing is to continue to support international relief organizations such as Red Cross.

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