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This year my Lenten Journey involved giving up Yahoo! Groups. It turned out to be more of a sacrifice than anticipated as I then learned the Celt’s Vintage Crochet site had officially closed and all the doily patterns there had moved to a Yahoo Group page.

That did get me off the doily kick plus while in the MDA chat room talking about downsizing and moving (which I have done twice since 2005), decided that I needed to get serious about working up my yarn stash. By a happy coincidence, I found information on Bosnian Crochet and Shepherd’s knitting on Ravelry and even a group for Slip Stitch Crochet after seeing a short article on it in Knitting in the Old Way and being set up by an article on the web a couple years ago. As a result there are a couple more hats in homespun yarn that has been resisting my efforts for many years.

Last week my mom let me take the family antique clock reel to use. They have been rearranging their house and had moved it upstairs from the sitting room where they had it on display for years. It works, my father restored it over 20 years ago. I used it then for winding skeins of homespun yarn. Found when I checked that 120 turns (which is what is needed to pop the weasel) is about 300 yards. Being able to measure the yardage of the yarns in the stash should help immensely. I took a bunch of photos yesterday when it was sunny and mild outdoors.

I did finally finish the buttons on the Tomten sweater I have been working on, so except for a final wash and blocking it is officially a F.O.

striped sweater photo  sweater back photo

My mom is planning to visit here with me this afternoon while my dad takes care of some errands in Kittanning. This will be the first she has gone out instead of having someone come to their home to stay with her. It is almost the anniversary of the first of her two strokes. Sure have been a lot of changes in the last year.

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