It was rather slow going this morning. Bode needed to go out just before midnight then again later. Two nights ago he needed to go out several times. He is really good about getting my attention, even when he doesn’t feel well.

This morning I couldn’t seem to get warm, even after a second pot of tea. It is quite mild out, so it is me, not the weather. We stayed in until after 2 pm. Almost all the snow is gone and the river was the highest I have seen it since we moved here. There were pieces of ice floating in it too. Guess it is the combination of snow melt and yesterday’s rain.

There were things to see out the back window this morning though, such as the first cardinal this year. It was behind the house next door. What a splash of color against the winter gray and brown of the tree trunks, branches, and fallen leaves and muted green of the lichen and moss. I was thinking how Bode’s color, fawn, matches the fallen leaves of winter.

Later I looked out back and saw something different at the base of one of the larger trees up the hill right behind the house. I looked more closely and it was a doe, with her legs folded under but her head up keeping watch. I then noticed motion, and saw her fawn was nearby browsing through the brush. My landlord said that there were deer out back, but this is the first I saw them.

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