Bed failure

Well, technically it was a bed frame failure. Things are bad when your furniture turns on you. The night before last I woke up to a noise and the motion of the head end of my bed dropping. It ended up resting on the floor by the wall, right where Ling Ling usually takes refuge when my son’s dogs visit.

Ling Ling defending his turf

Fortunately he was somewhere else. Whew!

This is a spring-loaded frame that was designed to be stored underneath a day bed. I was trying to sleep with it in the “down” position, but the urge for failure analysis won over, so I wrestled the mattress off the frame and looked for the source of the malfunction. A bolt where the main supports cross had broken. Well, putting the mattress on the floor is probably a lot safer anyway.

This is the end of a saga. It started when I decided that since I was working full time and wearing business dress four days a week, it was time to replace my futon with something more decorative. So I went down the street to Boston Store, which then had furniture on display, to shop. The clerk was very helpful and I chose a mattress and a lovely day bed frame from what they had on display and they put it on order. I paid with my credit card.

When the expected delivery time was almost up, I called and found my stuff was backordered. But, they should be delivered in about 6 weeks. During that time my son and a friend moved into a new apartment, and, since my nice new bed would be delivered soon, I gave them the futon, frame, and sheets that went with it. I slept on a folding lounge chair.

The months went by, summer turned into fall. Still no bed. I went back to the store and asked the question that I should have asked the first time, “Of what you have on display, what can I have delivered within the next week or two?”

The answer was the mattress that is now set on the floor and the popup frame that broke. Well, I guess it is good that it is gone.

Between the muggy weather and the excitement, I had trouble getting back to sleep. Yesterday was a bit of a loss, just didn’t get enough rest. I hope that is about the extent of excitement for this week.

This morning the air was cool and the ozone and haze from the weekend cleared. The lake breeze is awesome when it kicks in. It is a lot more comfortable and the lungs can get a chance to recover.

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