Allegheny River on frosty morning Hoar frost on river stones
This was the coldest morning of the season so far. It was just above 20°F at about 6:30 am. The ground was frozen and huge frost crystals grew on the snow and about anything that was off the ground through the night.

I was considering shopping for groceries this morning, but opted for a longer walk with Bode instead after I saw how hard the ice was on the car windshield. It was dead still, so the bird calls I heard only emphasized how few of them have been around for the past few weeks. I finally am able to attribute the falling two note call that has been puzzling me since we moved here to a blue jay. He was on the tree by the pole by the oxygen tank, where the mocking bird was before. He even answered back when I whistled the call to him. It is quite a lovely call, and guess it is right that even the most raucous bird should have a sweet song too.

It was slippery in places, Bode lost control and rolled onto his hip once.

As we were heading back on the trail I heard geese and saw a large V flying south.

Didn’t like to delay the shopping, but it was a nice morning to be outdoors despite the cold.

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