When I was restless on Thursday and Friday figured something was going on, then when I woke up yesterday morning, knew it was a migraine coming. It was cool when I took Bode out for a walk. The yard sale we visited two weeks ago was still going strong, so we returned in the car with money, most of the things I had my eye on were still there. We skipped going to the farmer’s market. I still had half a canteloupe, snap beans, potatoes, and a few prune plums left and with a headache coming on ripe fruit might spoil before I was able to eat.

Some people get an audio or visual aura before a migraine, I get hyperactivity. I am learning to use it to get things done, things that would probably cause a crash anyway, so no loss.

The weather was lovely yesterday, and we got a lot of the Freecycle stuff picked up before the waves of nausea part hit. Poor Bode missed his evening walkies though, and morning walkies today. It is still just 60°F according to the porch thermometer this afternoon. I had planned to water the plants yesterday but skipped it, so glad they are getting a soaking today.

My last library book, Barack Obama’s Dreams from my Father was due on Friday, so decided to stop by Klingensmith’s Pharmacy to make some prints. I have made prints elsewhere in the past, but relied on tricking the machine into thinking I was using a Windows OS computer. I haven’t yet installed Toast on this laptop, so took my Mac format backup CD on a gamble. I was pleased that their Sony Picture Station accepted and read the disk just fine, including subdirectories and the TIFF images from my scanner.

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