I thought I saw some of these beetles, also called lightning bugs, in the grass while tending the flower bed by the fence recently, then saw several light up in the shrubs on Saturday evening. Last night when Bode took me for a walk, they were rising almost everywhere we went, even in the paved alley.

We had a spattering of rain around 10:30 yesterday morning but the soil turns to dust easily and lawns have brown spots. It feels more like August than June, supposed to get into the 90s today. It was misty this morning when we went out. Some plant leaves appeared to be moist, but think it was dew rather than rain through the night. I got the hose out and watered both the containers and plants in the ground when we got back. The container plum tomato plants have fruit over an inch long now, have gotten ahead of the plants in the ground. The radishes and spinach in containers on the deck have bolted, but the plants in the ground still seem OK. I may be able to keep cool weather crops going by carefully choosing their planting location.

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