In the wee hoosie

New house

Bode, Ling Ling, and I are officially in the new house as of May 1, 2007. This is the view of the front. There is still a lot of stuff stacked around waiting to be organized and put away, but more and more of the floors become visible each day.

Wooded slope

Although 5th Avenue is a busy street, State Route 128, this is the view from the deck out back. It is a pleasant place to relax, can imagine you are in a mountain cabin. Ford Cliff is at the top of the slope.

Spring flowers

Dennis said there would be wildflowers out back. This myrtle probably was originally domestic, but seems to be doing well between the rocks.

I am in pain, but this move was a lot more organized than the one from Milwaukee. There were a few glitches in that one, supposedly the carpets at the trailer had been shampooed. We unloaded the truck and it became obvious that they needed some more attention — not only for appearance, but odor, apparently from smokers living there before. I rented a deep cleaner machine and any organization I had done in packing was lost as my mom and dad and I shifted things. It is a whole lot better to clean carpets in empty dwellings!

Moving the kitchen and computer first worked well. Also, putting books and other sturdy items into plastic grocery bags, the ones with two handles, worked quite well, made for smaller things to lift. Because the move took place over two weeks, I was able to reuse my canvas shopping bags and styrofoam insulated boxes for each trip. There was one trip per day except for Friday, April 20 when Tim helped move the big things in his truck. Some days I took off to rest.

This house is actually smaller in floor space, but that is not really a disadvantage as I was pretty much living in the larger bedroom and kitchen before.

I harvested my first “crop” last night. Some dandelions were growing through the fabric and stones of one of the flower beds. As a result they had never been mowed and the greens were clean. I pulled them as weeds, then saw that they looked a lot better than greens you see in the grocery store. So I washed them and chopped them. They made a grand supper prepared like wilted lettuce salad (with browned bacon and onion, sauce made from vinegar, water, sugar, and salt in the pan) and mixed with some penne rigate.

I am not moving too quickly this morning. We had our next to last choir rehearsal before the concert to take place on Sunday evening. Was good I had something to do to stay awake as the night before I went to sleep between 8 and 9 PM and was up at 3 am.

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