School bus in morning mist
Yesterday morning it was clear with a setting full moon and streams of mist flowing through the hollow. Bode has been getting up at 6:30 am, when the school bus goes by. The headlights show the mist well. It was a beautiful day, but got very windy, enough that I could feel the trailer shake.

Daffodil in bloom

This morning we missed seeing the bus, but didn’t miss the setting full moon over Tim’s barn. The later blooming daffodils in the flower bed were out when I looked through the window. With the aid of binoculars I saw a tom turkey and eight hens in Tim’s pasture across the road but with no telephoto lens didn’t try to get a photo. Seem to get the best flower pictures at dawn or sunset.

flying geese

While I was out with the camera, heard geese and saw them fly down the hollow toward Keystone Lake.

It is still early, but looks like another beautiful clear spring day. So far this morning I filled a bird feeder with sunflower seeds, brushed Bode who was still damp from his bath yesterday evening. Found a few tangles on his paws that I missed during the pre-bath grooming or which developed over night.

The mocking birds were back last week, have killdeer in the yard again, and the goldfinches are brightening up from their winter olive drab to bright yellow. The redwing blackbirds are back too. The robins are tapping at the windows again this year, annoying Bode.

We signed a year’s lease for the little house in Ford City on Sunday afternoon. When I got out of church it was pouring rain, so was glad to get home and out of wet shoes after visiting two grocery stores and buying gasoline for the car. I heard yesterday morning that the price went up over night so was good I filled it despite the rain. It cleared briefly in the late afternoon on Sunday, then a storm rolled in and saw quite a show of cloud to cloud lightning after dark.

I hope this will be a fairly quiet week to concentrate on choir and doing taxes, then will be time to pack up for the move. I’m in the move groove. One day last week it was sunny and breezy so I washed the curtains from the little bedroom and the dining area and hung them out to dry. I folded them and put them in a box. My mom loaned them, they will go back soon.

I am also cleaning out the freezer and cupboards, eating what is there and resisting stocking up no matter how good a deal — milk, bread, and a cup of yoghurt where what I brought home on Sunday. There have been some good meals out of it, like whole wheat pancakes topped with thawed strawberries for breakfast Saturday and Sunday.

Ling Ling seems to be eating better the past couple days.

Later in the afternoon got a cute picture of Bode:

Bode face

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