Things I miss

It took over a week but really getting comfortable with using the iPhone 6.

There are a lot of things that are familiar from using macOS 10.13 High Sierra on my MacBook Air and my Kindle Paperwhite. Most of the things I miss have to do with data entry, in particular keyboard shortcuts.

  • Click then shift-click to select text
  • Arrow keys to move insertion point
  • Click and drag to select text
  • Double click to select a line of text
  • Triple click to select a paragraph
  • Tab to move through form fields and spreadsheet cells

I’m still working on how to add attachments in the iOS default Mail. Looks like a work flow change might be the solution: prepare a photo or document then use the share button and pick email.
I am posting from the WordPress app. Adding images is super easy but selecting the size to display (i.e. thumbnail) doesn’t work as I expected. I saw this in some earlier posts and the HTML editor shows that the original size is used, just labeled as a thumbnail.
Looks like three standard sizes of images are not generated on uploading as they are on the desktop/laptop browser versions. I noticed this was an issue on my posts in the past few days.

Small dog napping with his toys

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