back again

I have been out of things after coming down with something on New Year’s Eve. Was totally without voice for a few days and under the weather for almost two weeks. With the exception of a day of snow, which Bode appreciated, we still seem to be stuck in the damp, gray pattern of December.
I have finished my morning pot of tea and been working on web stuff while listening to WQED fm and the patter of rain.
Suzanne will be performing her new poem Life on a Ledge later this week with DanceCircus in Milwaukee.
My sister returned to NY following her Christmas visit. Bode was delighted to see her again, and she won her way even further into his affection by taking him on more walks. She does it for fitness and graciously included him.
The loss of voice was troubling since we were planning to sing Fauré’s Cantique de Jean Racine as a choir anthem yesterday. I made it through rehearsal on Wednesday night. It was well received, along with the Bell Choir anthem, so happy to be able to participate.

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