second week off FB

Reminder, if you see this on Facebook, it is coming from my blog. I am still staying off Facebook for Advent, not logging in rather than closing my account.

It is time to get serious about organizing winter clothes. When I re-arranged my shelving units last summer I put some totes where they weren’t easily accessible. Those winter woolies feel good now, although so far the weather has been fairly mild.

I made chili on Saturday, used pinto beans and a higher proportion of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce than usual so it is fairly zippy. Serving it on rice seems to tone it down a bit. I made enough to put some in 1 or 2 serving cartons in the freezer for quick meals.

I am still getting used to the new Portable Induction Cooktop I bought at Aldi. The old Nuwave cooktop with the membrane over the buttons that failed I am keeping for heating non-potble water for washing up. It still smells like hot electronics (chlorophenols) when it runs even after 3 years use, but the new one is odorless — nice.

The Aldi (Ambiano) cooktop didn’t come with much documentation but I am finding some of the pre-programmed buttons quite useful. For instance, the “milk” setting (low temperature for 25 minutes) is useful for heating leftover soups and stew. The medium high setting boils 3 cups of water for brewing tea in about 3 minutes. I bought it for $34 (less than half what I paid for the Nuwave over 3 years ago). When I was at Aldi last week they still had two marked down to $24. Guess people don’t know what they are. (Physics, electricity and magnetism, is involved.)

Green pig USB thumb drive

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