Upgrading – part 3

While going through my storage area on Thursday, I found the LaCie pocket drive box which contained an external power supply that I had never used. Just on a hunch I connected it and the pocket drive mounted immediately on the new MacBook!

Also retrieved the LaCie external CD RW drive I got when I was using a G4 desktop, two computers ago. It had both Firewire and USB connectors. It is huge but it works with the new MacBook Air, so burning backup CDs and listening to audio CDs directly or importing them into iTunes is fairly simple. The external drive I bought at about the same time only has FireWire connectors but that is accessible through the older iBook using the Lightning/ethernet adapter though ethernet. Not sure why I did it but discovered some of the directories with backups had restricted permissions.

Oh, yeah, finally found the bright yellow RJ-45 ethernet cable — right beside the laser printer where I probably put it when I went through the computer gadgets box to get the other cables.

I managed to crash GraphicConverer when I was working with a photo of Atticus from the FaceTime camera.


The crash generated a dialog box to report the crash. Within a few minutes I had an email message from Thorsten Lemke asking if I could reproduce it. Discovered that it happened when I adjusted levels with the slider on the histogram and reported it. Within an hour there was an upgrade to install which fixed the problem. GrahaphicConverter is available from Lemke Software GMBH.

I’ve also been exploring features of Apple Numbers (which is included with the MacBook, you just have to download it from the App Store). Sure has a lot more features than AppleWorks spreadsheet which I was using on the iBook. Using a spreadsheet is second to accessing and providing content on the internet for me. Numbers not only has more features but seems a lot easier to use, main thing is overcoming old habits.

Still occasionally making bloopers in using the trackpad, but like with the spreadsheets, think it is mostly from reverting to habits developed on the iBook.

Photo Booth and the FaceTime camera sure makes makes taking selfies easier! This is one I took to show the last sweater I finished and have been wearing:

dark blue tweed sweater

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