Training your human to fetch

Professor Atticus here with advice. It takes a bit of effort but humans can be trained. A good way to start is with fetch.

First you need to try when your human is receptive, i.e. in a playful mood. Bring them one of your toys that you can easily hold in your mouth. Present it to them and give them your best LOOK while assuming the play posture. Remember that maintaining eye contact is essential.

What you want to look for is when they toss the toy, even just to get it out of their way.

Once they have the toy in their hand, watch it intently then chase it and, this is very important, bring it back and lay it before them again — be consistent. When they seem to tire, stop, but watch for the next time they are receptive.

It takes a bit of effort but is well worth your time to bring enjoyment to your human companion.

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