lots of locks

Yesterday I did something that I have wanted to do for some time — donated to Locks of Love.

I went to Great Clips in the Indiana Commons, on Oakland Avenue in Indiana PA. They donate their time to cut and style your hair for your hair donation. I brought my digital camera and when I asked, discovered that Jessica Uptegraph not only was willing to take photos but has her own photography studio.

I arrived with my hair in the usual bun. Jessica removed the hair pins and combed it out:


She then parted it into four sections and secured them with rubber bands:

There was plenty of hair left for a chin-length blunt cut:


When Jessica measured the locks and they were 22 inches long! You don’t have to have hair this long to donate though.

I especially like this photo with the reflection in the mirror:

I suspect that it is because I usually wear my hair up in a bun but so far people don’t seem to notice the change. It was a good experience and I now have a better profile photo for Facebook.

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  1. Kathy Marcinek says:

    Love the new look! Someone is going to be very happy with their new hair, too. Nice.

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