Stretch of bad hair days leads to biscuit frenzy

Begging dog
Biscuit, gimme biscuit…
Bode has been under stress since I last updated the blog. We have had a long spell of cool, damp weather. When your whole body is covered in hairs up to five inches long, a bad hair day hits hard. Thus the need to lift one’s spirits by eating dog biscuits.
I just love his furry polar bear paws. When he is sitting up he resembles a plush teddy bear, so cuddly.

Tractor in field
Tim got the corn field across the road fertilized, plowed, cultivated, and planted before the rains set in. The corn seedlings are out today.

Rainbow at sunset
Along with the rain, there several rainbows. This one came and went over a period of over an hour.

Pansy flower moist with rain Geranium blossoms
The cool weather resulted in fewer and smaller flowers on the potted plants, but they look so fresh when still moist with rain.

The cool weather crops were doing well. I harvested this radish last week. My mom brought in some incredibly tender spinach and lettuce leaves on Saturday. I am not self sufficient in gardening but the small yields can be quite tasty.

Cactus bud Cactus flower
On Sunday, the sun came out around noon. This cactus bud opened as I watched while preparing lunch and cleaning up. Cactus plants have a kind of zen attraction, but the flowers can be spectacular. These are like dandelions, they need full sun to open the flowers.

Frosty morning
The night before last I covered things, but some clouds rolled in and we only had a very light frost. Last night it stayed clear and I woke to see this heavy frost this morning. Some plants in my little garden looked droopy, but when the sun came out, I uncovered the dahlias and red sage plants, and they all perked up. It is still cool but the sun is nice and warm. Still not time to put the heavy woolen winter clothes away.
It was warm enough to sit on the porch. I spotted a Baltimore oriole in the birch tree with the feeder a couple weeks ago. Today he serenaded me several times from the top of the tree.

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