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black friday

I am a basket case for the marketing folks, tend to only buy things that are consumable or that I can use to repair or maintain what I already have. Because of having a chronic debilitating condition (mitochondrial myopathy) my … Continue reading

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metaphor simile euphemism

Sometimes a seemingly random series of events somehow combine to reveal insight. Recently comparisons to Monty Python’s Flying Circus have come to my attention, including a suggestion that Michael Palin might have been a better choice than Sarah (unfortunately he … Continue reading

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more social networking fluff

Seems that twitter has the “status” functionality of Facebook, etc. with a lot less overhead. Twitter Updates

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Thanksgiving greetings

Although Thanksgiving is a memory already for our Canadian friends, here in USA, this is the day. Lots of things to be thankful for: family, friends, the gifts of the earth. It was 56°F when I went out at 6:30 … Continue reading

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Back to school week

Earlier in the week, I lit a candle when I was out on the deck, then decided to try to take a picture. I didn’t quite get it right, then on a walkies with Bode remembered that I neglected to … Continue reading

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